Breaking The Bias, Possible?

“Abasi sosongho o ke afo ame ofon eti eti o”. This were the words of praises that rain on Eka Eno-abasi which literally mean “God thank you o, you are too good”.

This might be a long piece, but Eka Eno-abasi really did inspired me. “Eka Eno-abasi”, a market seller in Udua Nyóm Ebè, a mini busy market located at Edim Otop, which is just a few min walk to the popular Atimbo bus stop in the Canaan city.

Married to an electrician in the street known as “high tension”, Eka Eno-abasi and “high tension” had one thing in common, their good customer relations was top-notch that neighbours and people in the community most times do have green eyes toward this nuclear family.

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Did you pause for a while to asked why she is been refer to as “Eka Eno-abasi”? lol. Her real name is Mmeyene, a native of Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River State. She is the senior sister to Asuquo, the conductor who got slapped by Affiong at Eta Agbor gee months ago. Can you remember?

Truly, life is not a bed of roses, things changed, yes, things do changed. Eka Eno-abasi marriage that was envied by people in the community was a clone of itself after she conceived again.

“High Tension” who was so desperate for a male child, after an anti-natal session on Monday, took Eka Eno-abasi for a scan. Unfortunately to him, the scanned revealed that the nuclear family will be blessed with an baby girl.

Furious “high tension” was actually high and choose to station his irate behaviour before the lab scientist and his innocent wife. Rudely, he threw three Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe notes on the table for the wife to settle the test bill.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, “high tension” stopped eating his wife food or having a smooth conversation with his wife like before. Eka Eno-abasi was a slave in her own matrimonial home. Imagine! An innocent woman was threw out of her home for nothing she had no power over!

Come to think of it guys, were did Eka Eno-abasi wrong this this man who was down to earth? Was it the style, positions, or timing? Women now have power to control the spermatozoa men inject in them? A naive, unapologetic “high tension” was ignorant about this but was not willing to be sensitize.

Just few weeks after been chase away by her husband, in a rough and unhealthy condition, Eka Eno-abasi put to birth a baby girl. She was so beautiful and made everyone who her eyes on her think she is a Dane.

On the other hand, Eno-abasi, a student of Big Qua Girls Secondary School, Calabar, won a scholarship that will take her to Finland to further her studies.

I don’t know who actually want to hear this, the gender of a child does not really matter, what’s very pertinent is how such a child is groom from infancy.

Today, male kids engage in so many social vices same with the female counterparts. Any child can serve as a cankerworm to the society if not trained the right way.

The names and locations used in this piece are mere imagery work of the writer. Therefore, this piece is an original work of the author Nsikak Ibatt and should not be copied in part or full without the author permission.

Breaking the bias, possible?

Written by Nsikak Ibatt

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