Flair and Passion for Love by Nsikak Ibatt

We most times get broken emotionally. But we can’t give up on love simply because of one bad egg. You will say; “one bad egg spoiled the rest”. But fortunately, this particular egg survived.

The problem of relationship in this part of the earth I reside is that, a good guy will meet the wrong lady, a good lady on the other hand will be unfortunate to meet a wrong guy. As a result of this, once a good lady and a good guy meet, they float as friends.

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I had been your emotional saviour since. But you diluted this as a result of thinking more of flashy physical things. Our emotions became malnourished.

Yes! You left. You left and couldn’t think of the good times we had together. Heading to Marina, applauding nature, whispering naughty things to your ears that got the waves amazed, ate together, fought and still came back together.

Should I talk of our pillow fight? They got our hormones excited but we still had to tame them. We keep reminding ourselves of the boundaries we had.

I was tagged; “woman wrapper” because of you. But I never mind. I was always available for you. My attention for you was top-notch. Everywhere, we were together despite we both not being subscribers to the yellow network provider.

Breaking The Bias, Possible?

“Snowflake” like I will always call you, we walk down for lectures together, stayed late after lectures and even got noticed by surveillance in school. The flames of our love kept burning like a fiery furnace.

But what happened? You literally choose to wash off these memories. You choose to get rid of me like a thrash can! I thought I won’t get heal. I said to myself; “I will never ever fall in love again, never again!”.

Hey guys! Here I am, I didn’t just fall in love. This time, I got soaked in love. We were created by one heavenly father, and we both enjoyed the breast milk from the same earth manufacturer.

I couldn’t just ask for more. But I’m glad you’ve been with me for decades now.

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Written by Nsikak Ibatt

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