5 Places To Travel During Ramadan On a budget

Millions of Muslims around the world choose to travel during the month of Ramadan. The increasing number of Muslims around the world traveling during Ramadan calls for going to only the best holiday spots. Ramadan in a different location, let’s you see how other cultures celebrate in the holy season.

For the Muslims, Ramadan is a special month and what traveling does is enhance this experience. The joy of seeing other Muslims celebrate and generally enjoy Ramadan breeds the spirit of brotherhood.

The aim of this article is to help you highlight the best travel destination during the month of Ramadan. It may already be quite obvious that Makkah and Madinah are the top two destinations for Muslims during Ramadan month. Saudi Arabia makes available an abundance of Halal food and prayer facilities. If you are a person that wants variety, not to worry, this post is just perfect for you. I have been trying to decide where I want to spend my last 10 nights of Ramadan.

I would love to hear where is your favorite place to travel during Ramadan and Eid? For those who just want to change the scenery and enjoy their Ramadan experience in a different location, Travelstart Nigeria got you covered. Visit amazing places this Ramadan on a budget. it’s time to explore!

5 Places To Travel To During Ramadan On A Budget

1. Singapore

This is a wonderful location as Muslims in Singapore will also be fasting for about 12 to 13 hours. However, this location is characterized by high heat and humidity, including the southwest monsoon in Singapore this Ramadan.

5 places to travel during Ramadan on a budget - Singapore

Experience great hospitality as mosques distribute food packages for both Muslim and non-Muslim tourists. This is particularly of great benefit for those who cannot make it in time to breakfast. Singapore areas may also be very crowded at some point of the day.

A lot of restaurants offer specials and buffets, there are also restaurants offering breakfast buffets as well. The availability of Ramadan bazaars selling food and other products are open well into the night.


2. Turkey

5 places to travel during Ramadan on a budget - Turkey

In Turkey, as a tradition, drummers will walk around towns waking people up to prepare the Suhur meal. Neat right? I think so too! It may also interest you to know that Muslims in Turkey are fasting for a little more than 17 hours this Ramadan.

Special Iftar menus, food festivals, and entertainment accompanied bazaars with on the side all make turkey an awesome travel choice. Let’s not also forget its amazing restaurants offering rich and tasty delicacies. Even so more, decorated mosques and buildings around the city al bring out a more festive atmosphere and vibe.

However, traffic congestion may be experienced on a few major highways. Also, it is no surprise that during this festive period public transports will be very crowded. Restaurants and major quality eating outlets won’t be left out of this rush either.


3. United Arab Emirates

5 places to travel during Ramadan on a budget - United Arab Emirates

Are you ready to be wowed? The United Arab Emirates is one place you won’t regret spending your Ramadan at for various reasons. From beautifully decorated majlis-style tents to culturally rich and tasty Arab food and drinks which are constantly served with games and entertainment.

Do you know Dubai is one of the best shopping destinations? Well if you didn’t, now you do! There are numerous places to go shopping as there are many options for promotions and offers to choose from.

In the United Arab Emirates, Muslims will be fasting for around 15 hours a day.


4. Fes, Morocco

One of the best spots to have some fun this Ramadan in the country is the city of Casablanca. Experience a feeling of bliss with its beautiful grand mosque. Its medieval walls tell a story of the city of the Old Medina. This city is a great place to enjoy the history and culture within a thriving modern and beautiful city.

5 places to travel during Ramadan on a budget - Fes, Morocco

Its public squares are filled with light music during and even after Iftar. Having a cannon fired to signal the end of the fast is also a common practice. It may also interest you to know that Fun fairs and festivals are held in order to allow for the locals to break their fast in the street.


5. Cairo, Egypt

5 places to travel during Ramadan on a budget - Cairo, Egypt

The Egyptians love spending time together with family, relatives, and friends. On the streets of Cairo, homes, restaurants, cafes, and mosques are beautifully decorated to suit the festive period. Let’s not also forget that traditional adornment with festive the Ramadan Ramadan Lantern is done during the holy month.

During this holy month, the lanterns are lit just after sunset, which signals the end of the fast. It’s a common practice to find people partaking in Ramadan Iftars in groups. Egypt is definitely one of the best places. to be caught in a festive crowd.

Travelling is always a good experience. However, it shouldn’t defeat the purpose of Ramadan. I hope you have had a good read? Whatever you end up choosing, my hope is that you will be able to keep your fasts and your prayer.

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